Smart kids and 3D printers

Thanks to my co-worker Brooks, I had an opportunity to sit with my Thing-o-Matic and a loaner Replicator (thanks Makerbot!) at the ACE Academy Innovation Fair here in Austin yesterday. The Innovation Fair was kind-of like a normal school science fair, but included guest speakers, a proclamation from the mayor (officially it became “ACE Academy Innovation Day” yesterday), and more. Unlike normal science fairs where kids have dioramas of the earth’s layers, or maybe a hamster in a maze, these kids had exhibits like new, innovative forms of lightning rods for houses, cool robots, 3D LED matrix cubes, and a new type of “flame in a can” over which they were roasting marshmallows.

I knew the day was going to be awesome when as soon as we put the Replicator on the table, a tiny little girl (I say in the 6-year-old range – no lie) complete with plaid dress, bows in hair, and glittery shoes walks up and asks excitedly “Is that a 3D printer?” to which I, in shock, replied it was. “That’s so awesome! Well I’ll be back when you’re printing something.”

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Have you noticed that things have been quiet here for a few weeks. In May my wife and I will be moving from Austin, TX to Seattle, WA, and have been preparing for the move for a while now (though we still haven’t packed).

While I have been 3D printing things here or there, I’ve not had the opportunity to document as I normally would due to other, more pressing, matters. The lull in posts is simply a temporary thing; once we’re settled after the move there will be some fun new posts (and maybe even some new gear to talk about) 🙂

Moving on, city to city.