Alles klar, Herr MakerBot?

After leaving yesterday with a serious case of “grinding noises” and small bits of plastic filament in the extruder gear, I was anxious to return to the studio today after work and do a check-up on my Thing-o-Matic. I naturally worry that I destroyed it already; nothing new, it’s my way to worry incessantly and imagine things at their extreme.

I discovered that the front lexan plate on the extruder head was incredibly loose! (In hindsight, I really should have done a more thorough check when I opened the box instead of a cursory one). A quick tightening of all of the bolts, some mouth-air blown into the top to expel little plastic bits, a good oiling of all of the axis rods, and a cleaning of the kapton tape and all is good. A test extrusion worked without a hitch and we should be good to go for the next print (which sadly probably won’t be until next weekend due to a busy week ahead at work).

At least I can sleep tonight.

Your thoughts?

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