Mundane Item Number 2

Having recently moved into a dwelling that I don’t own, I can’t just fix every little thing that I want in the way I would want to (read: call a real repairman). In this case, the walk-in shower door isn’t hung correctly. When said door opens fully inward, the interior handle bangs into the tiled wall and over time has chipped the tile. I could ask the building maintenance guys to fix it, but I fear they would damage the place more than it is. So…

Here’s Thing Number Two — a bumper that snaps onto the metal handle and keeps it from hitting the tile.


Designed in SketchUp in approximately 15 minutes, printed with a brand new spool of “natural” ABS in 26 minutes. What’s great about this is that the first attempt just worked.

THIS is what the experiment/future/revolution is all about — having the ability to design and print a needed part in a matter of minutes, have it work as designed, and move on, all for approximately $0.05 of plastic filament.

The video is just a quick clip of the printing process for those that haven’t seen it yet. The photos show the little bit of safety orange ABS that was left in the extruder mixing with the natural ABS at the base of the print. In the third image you can see the bumper doing it’s job, and the little bit of tile that was chipped off by the metal handle on the wall above it.

Your thoughts?

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