Close shave

Well, it was bound to happen, and on only the third day of printing I slammed the extruder head into the hot build plate! CRAP! Had to re-calibrate and all seems fine. Whew. On the plus side, I get really good “rafts” now (a plastic layer that allows for support structures to be built and in the end peels off the back of the print).

Was going to print two things today, but am only going to have time to do one: a robot bee pendant loosely based on a design by my wife (see: opticwaste link over there on the right). The first one was a little too small, and the second is a little too big. The finishing step is her taking the plastic piece and applying a leafing process; she already had some copper leaf, so that is our test. It looks really cool. Will post pictures later.

The second item was, ironically, a holder for a razor that would clip onto the wire-mesh baskets in the shower. Yup – Mundane Object Number 3. I will probably end up printing that tomorrow. My first two pieces that need to be assembled print. Yay.

Your thoughts?

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