Nature is better than us at everything

Back from vacation with the wonderful, humbling reminder baked into my brain that nature creates art perfectly, effortlessly, and at such extremes of scale that we are simply horrible imitators.

From cubism, to surrealism, to hyper-realism (well, yeah), to the minute patterns found in additive 3D printing (in the smallest of pieces of driftwood charcoal), nature has been there done that and it is beautiful.

We can only ever dream to have the abilities inherit in the natural world. There. I said it.






I was also reminded of our arrogance and wasteful permanence. Walk any beach along the Oregon/Washington coast and behold the brightly colored fragments of plastic everywhere. No pictures of this as we see this everyday.

All the ABS I’m printing will be around for a long time. All the PLA is only going to break down into smaller and smaller pieces of PLA (not to mention the majority [all?] of PLA being made from GMO corn). I knew all of this going in, and will continue to do what I do, but I am anxious for the day when these options are not the only ones and I can make a fortune by collecting all the plastic bits on the shoreline and making filament out of it all 😉

Your thoughts?

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